Here you will find the panels (block 52) as I drew them. How I made the panels you can read in the Building section under the panels button. Or download the Panels PDF here.

The panel layout published here are not pure copy's of the real ones. I used a bold letter just to make it easier to let some light shine through.
I used for the rotaries switches you can turn in 30 degrees a click. So the positions of the text around these knobs is also placed so the knob positions are at 30 degrees (or 60, 90 etc) from each other.
The red dots you see are just the places I used for the mounting of the panel, it is not that hard to replace them or remove them if you like
Print them at 100% and the measurements will be fine.

Feel free to use these for your own simulator.
In some cases you may have to make some modifications, it is up to you.

These files are free but don't place theme elsewhere on the net, just place a link to

When you use these files for your project or when you use them as a starting point for your own panels please send me a picture of  the results, it is nice to receive some response .

If you are happy with these panels,
help me to cut the costs of this site and donate by using the PayPal button.
Right click on the image and click save image as.....
The ICP and MISC panel do not match the original sizes. I made the simulator after the plans of PEGASUS you know, but feel free to use these to make your own panels.

For the original CorelDraw files contact me I'll send them to you.

Panel Layouts
If you downloaded these files between the first of November and the 20th december of 2008, some of the files may be corrupted.
Just to be sure download them again.
Especially the leftconsole1,2 and the frontconsole.