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Building the Tub
When I started this whole project I wasn't sure if I could ever make such crazy wooden dream-machine.
So after I read Pegasus story about the making of his simulator, and coincidentaly I posesed the same cad program he used to publish his plans I decided to make my simulator after his plans. Actually he mentioned the Badewanne, German for Bathtub, so I called this section 'The tub'.

Fortunately I have an Epson 1520 (A2) standing in my room so I was able to print a lot of the plans, especially the little parts for the console 1:1.

Working with wood, paint metal and so on isn't my hobby, it became a major part of it, so the simulator as Pegasus has published was the one I thought I could be able to make.
As stated earlier, it started with
a pile of MDF. After more than three years I became serious alergic to this stuff.
Just cut it into some handy pieces.
To learn as quick as possible I started with the part I thought would be the hardest for me to produce.
The middle console with all the different angles.
Before glueing and screwing all the parts together , it is handy to use some tape and check if all the parts fit well together.
Remember to drill every hole before screwing .
I made the tub so it can be dis-
assembled into a few parts.
First have the patience to paint the parts, it is easier to do.
Without the plans of the glareshield, I had to build it
part for part with the use of
some tape. (and a lot of time)
The result was o.k., at least for me.The measurements of the ICP-box are not correct. I left it that way, it is saver for someone to climb in and out without breaking some knob or button on the ICP
Behind the chair I planned the
EPIC-card. Made a simple black box, for easy trouble shooting.
Builded a little box for the cougar FCC. It realy rocks!!
From the middle console I used some electric tubing. So it is easy to pull the wires to the back of the simulator.
Behind this little maintanancedoor on the side I installed the main power switches.
And here we can also see some
of the wires traffeling to the Epic boards.