Pablo Software Solutions
Sometimes it is great to put something in the simulator just for fun.
And there are quite a few people out there who are more convinced the simulator is a working replica of the real thing by the little airflow they feel than by all the working switches and warning lights they witness.

It's quite simple and cost almost nothing, the reactions are nice to observe.
All you need is an old fan out of an old powersupply as you may find in one off your old computers laying around, collecting dust and holding all those beautifull memories from the pre vista era.

I bought one of these great airco replica's from Cage in Holland and with a few meters of wire , 12V and an old fan you are able to feel a cool breeze between the knees in no time.
With one of our favorites of all the tools we use, The Famous Dremel, I made a hole in the centre console.
On the inside there is room to place the old computer fan
The outlet made by Cage will fit perfectly onto the console, and will cover up the naste hole we just made.
To make this thing running I used 12 V from my powersupply inside the simulator and one of the
wires runs past the AIRCOND panel.
Modify the Temp knob so that on the off position no contact is made and when turned to te cool sections the contact is made.

Now your visiters, who have no idea what they are looking at, will be convinced that this has to be a working simulator.

Building an Airco